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Constellations with marshmellows- Informàtica P5

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Monday, 16th of July - Primary

Today we have started the CINEMA WEEK! Although a strong storm has follen this morning, anything has impeded us from having a good time. After doing homework, some cinema crafts and watching a film during the playground time, we have done a gymkhana all together. In the afternoon, once the sun has risen again, we have had sport and swimming pool time!!

Doing some craft... we are Hollywood stars!

Pay attention to the CHALLENGE for tomorrow: Your hairstyle has to be a beautiful braid!

Monday 16th of July - Challenge


During all the day... every time that you speak with somebody, before starting the conversation, you must say the other's name inside out! 
For example, if you want to say:  Berta, could you pass me the water, please? 
You must say:  Atreb, could you pass me the water, please?

Friday, 13th of July - Primary

The end of the Alzimpiades !!
After a whole week competing against the five different teams of the Summer Course, the Alzimpiades have reached its end with the following classification: 
1st position: Team nº4 - HAKA GIRLS

2nd position: Team nº2 - LITTLE MINIONS

3rd position: Team nº3 - POWER LOVE

4th position: Team nº5 - POWERFUL GIRLS

5th position: Team nº1 - SPOTLIGHTS 

The prize has been a diploma and a glass of a healthy dessert for each of the athletes...  CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE, you have worked really hard!!! 
More photos!

Tren Pinxo P2-Manualitats- Piscina

Els Aneguets han anat amb el Tren Pinxo de Banyoles. S' ho han passat molt bé visitant l' estany de Banyoles i la part històrica del centre de la ciutat del Pla de l' Estany.

Les Orenetes ens mostren com evoluciona el curs de natació. Cada dia n' aprenen més.

Les Formiguetes, Llebretes i Orenetes han fet unes manualitats molt boniques.


Thursday, 12th of July - Primary

EXCURSION DAY IN PARC AVENTURA!!  Climbing wall, adventure circuit, zip-lines, labyrinth... and even an orentation race!
And since it could not be better... we finished the day with a surprise for snack: ice-cream!
We have been very brave...

...and have had a lot of fun together!!

More photos!


Hem gaudit molt a Can Vandrell !! Hem après moltes coses sobre l' espai i els planetes. 
Els Cargolets i Formiguetes es remullen.
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